Databricks Services
Powering Data Engineering and AI Innovations

DVT, a certified partner in Databricks services, offers data engineering expertise crucial for the effective implementation and ROI maximisation of your Databricks projects.
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Databricks Services
Powering Data Engineering and AI Innovations

DVT, a certified partner in Databricks services, offers data engineering expertise crucial for the effective implementation and ROI maximisation of your Databricks projects.
Microsoft Azure AWS Google Cloud

Cut costs and speed up innovation on the Lakehouse Platform

Unify your data, analytics and AI on one platform. Databricks Lakehouse Platform eliminates data silos and maximises flexibility.

As a Microsoft Azure Partner and an AWS Partner, DVT offers expert Databricks data engineering and Databricks artificial intelligence services. Our Databricks solutions encompass comprehensive coverage, including solution design, implementation, source integration, and data quality and management. With our data analysis, data exploration, and insights generation through analytics and machine learning models, you can fully leverage your Databricks investment. Accelerate your journey to outcomes with DVT's certified Databricks developers and engineering services.

Get the most out of your Databricks investment and achieve outcomes faster with DVT’s Databricks certified engineering services.





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As a Databricks partner, DVT brings enhanced data capabilities to our customers through the Data Lakehouse Platform. This enables rapid enablement of business insights from Databricks cutting-edge capabilities. Quicker insights, improved decision-making and faster business execution. Your Data. Your AI. Our services to enable your success. Now.

Damian Potter
Executive Head: Development, Data and Solutions
Damian Potter, Executive Head: Development, Data and Solutions

Databricks services provided remotely, hybrid or on-site.

DVT is able to provide both remote or on-site Databricks developers to our clients globally.

Remote teams are provided from our Europe and UK time-zone aligned delivery centres. With English as our primary language our remote services are demonstrably productive and highly effective.

Hybrid models (both remote and on-site) are similarly successful and allow for team co-location at key times, such as innovation sessions, team builds and planning. Fully on-site team services are available as needed.

Whether you require a single skilled Databricks specialist or a team to rapidly deliver on your Databricks projects, the DVT team is ready to be of service to you.

What is the Databricks Lakehouse Platform?

The Databricks Lakehouse Platform merges the best elements of data lakes and data warehouses, delivering a solution that offers the reliability and governance of warehouses with the openness and flexibility of data lakes. This unification simplifies your modern data stack, eliminating the barriers in data engineering, analytics, BI, data science, and machine learning. Built on open standards, it maximises flexibility and supports Databricks artificial intelligence. Its unified approach to data management and security streamlines operations and accelerates innovation, crucial in databricks data engineering.

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What is the Databricks Lakehouse Platform?
Challenges with Data, Analytics & AI

Challenges with Data, Analytics & AI

Many companies still utilise separate data warehouses for business intelligence (BI) and data lakes for artificial intelligence (AI). Unfortunately, these platforms are not compatible with each other, leading to challenges when trying to achieve successful AI implementation. Currently, most data is stored in data lakes, with a significant portion being unstructured. This unstructured data holds the potential value for AI applications. In some cases, subsets of this data are copied to the data warehouse and organised into structured tables. However, this process of duplicating and storing data in both systems leads to data drift, as changes made in one system may not be reflected in the other. Additionally, separate governance processes are required for each platform, leading to inconsistent control. The different tool stacks used on these platforms further hinder collaboration between support teams. These complexities and inefficiencies result in failed AI efforts, with wasted time, resources, and slow decision-making processes, leaving companies lagging behind their competitors.

Moving forward with a lakehouse architecture

The data Lakehouse represents a transformative approach to data management, effectively supporting AI and BI applications directly on extensive data lake volumes. This innovative architecture combines the best features of data warehouses and data lakes, enabling robust AI and BI capabilities on large-scale enterprise data. It offers enhanced SQL capabilities, performance features like indexing, and MPP processing for accelerated BI on data lakes. Additionally, the Lakehouse model supports direct file access and is compatible with Python, data science, and AI frameworks, obviating the need for separate data warehouses. By adopting this architecture, organisations benefit from Databricks data engineering and Databricks artificial intelligence, enhancing data quality management. In summary, adopting this lakehouse architecture through Databricks services merges the advantages of data warehouses and lakes, offering a streamlined approach to handling extensive data sets and optimising data quality and management.
Moving forward with a lakehouse architecture

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"To say that we were impressed would be an understatement."

Damian Potter
Executive Head: Development, Data and Solutions
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