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High Performing Remote & On-Site Teams

High Performing Remote & On-Site Teams

Need an experienced software technology team to build your software product? Our remote and on-site teams are the answer.

Software development and related services teams that produce high impact business software solutions - setting your business apart.

Type of teams

Dedicated teams

DVT’s dedicated software development teams provide our clients with a highly skilled and experienced team that work closely with you to ensure delivery of product features at a high velocity on a continuous basis. They are also referred to as product development teams.

These teams can be remote software development teams or teams that work on-site at clients. The pricing is a simple monthly cost, based on the size and composition of the team.

Our dedicated teams include DVT delivery management to ensure that the teams consistently deliver at a high velocity. Our dedicated teams are best suited for clients that have a reasonably well established technical solution for their business problem and need a team to develop high quality product features in a cost effective and quick way.

Turn-key project teams

Our turn-key project teams work with clients to define a technical solution to their business problem and often start with a technical analysis that establishes a solution architecture, high level requirements definition and MVP (Minimum Viable Product) roadmap.

Our turn-key project teams turn a client’s business problem into software products. If required, we also provide a software maintenance and support team after the completion of the turn-key project. Our turn-key project teams generally work remotely from home or from the DVT delivery centres.

Client co-sourced teams

Our co-sourced teams are formed with DVT and client professionals that work together to develop a custom software solution. These co-sourced teams are much like our dedicated teams but accommodate client staff on the team in order to facilitate knowledge transfer to client staff and leverage key business knowledge from client staff. Client co-sourced teams can work remotely or on-site at clients.

Staff augmentation and professional services

In some cases, DVT assists its clients with augmenting their own software development capacity through the provision of DVT skilled professionals from our pool of software architects, software engineers, analysts, scrum masters, project managers, data scientists, UX/UI designers, DevOps engineers and testers. These DVT skilled professionals work either from client premises, DVT offices or from home. Read More

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Benefits of our Agile teams:

  • High performing teams delivering high quality solutions faster.
    Highly skilled professionals underpinned by DVT’s service delivery management.
  • No communication issues.
    English speaking professionals.
  • Favourable time-zone
    For European and African clients.
  • Flexible engagement models.
    Dedicated teams, turn-key projects or staff augmentation. Client on-site or remote teams. Work from home or from DVT’s delivery centres.
  • More than 500 professionals.
    Teams are assembled from a large skills pool.
  • 20+ years experience.
    DVT has been delivering solutions to clients for more than two decades.
  • 100+ clients.
    Depth of technical expertise and breadth of domain expertise from working with clients across industry sectors.

Our Tech-stack expertise


Cloud Services




Agile Delivery Approach

Our teams are at their best when they work with our clients using an Agile Delivery Approach. It means our teams work closely with a client product owner and deliver product features at a high velocity over a number of Sprints. Each Sprint starts by reprioritising the items in the backlog, refining them and delivering them during the Sprint. In this way our teams deliver business value on a continuing basis.


Remote software development teams or client on-site teams?

If there is one thing that the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us it is that work from home does work. Our remote Agile teams develop software for clients all over the world from home and from the DVT delivery centres. Being on-site at clients is largely not necessary. In fact, in our experience, our fully remote teams deliver at a higher velocity than at client on-site teams.

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