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DVT CEO shares the IT trends that matter in 2024

Monday, 26 February 2024 09:21

Global software and data engineering company DVT is poised to navigate the complex and fast-paced IT landscape of 2024, according to CEO Jaco van der Merwe. In a message to clients and partners, van der Merwe shared insights and strategies to drive value delivery in the new year.

Underpinning DVT's focus are key trends critical to addressing the challenges and opportunities in 2024: the ever-increasing importance of AI, the expansion of as-a-service platforms, and the evolving dynamics of the workforce. These elements are crucial in responding to economic constraints, fostering innovation, combating talent scarcity, and adapting to the changing work models.

Business value and innovation at the forefront

According to van der Merwe, IT functions are core to achieving business imperatives and ensuring investments deliver tangible ROI. Cloud adoption and the modernisation of applications are one such investment that DVT has seen able to deliver material benefits, support business scalability, ensure security, and efficiently manage resource utilisation.

Innovation, including the use of generative AI, is highlighted as a transformative force. Van der Merwe points to Gartner's projection that "By 2026, generative AI will significantly alter 70% of the design and development effort for new web applications and mobile apps," illustrating the potential of AI to redefine customer service, application development, digital marketing, and employee support.

"Doing more with 'the same' might just be the primary use case for Generative AI implementations", notes Van der Merwe, "We are seeing practical and effective use cases for customer service, application development, digital marketing and employee support. However, IT functions must moderate and educate on what is realistic versus commercial hype."

Addressing the global talent crunch

The need for more skilled talent remains a pressing issue, with 75% of employers worldwide struggling to fill roles. DVT is tackling this challenge by leveraging remote skills, recruiting to relocate talent, and establishing development centres in strategic global locations.

This strategy is supported by a Gartner insight that "71% of millennial workers say the pandemic made them rethink the place that work should have in their lives," indicating a shift towards more flexible and remote working arrangements.

Adaptable work models and strategic partnerships

As work norms continue evolving, DVT is committed to developing adaptable strategies that support hybrid and in-office work models. The company is also focused on fostering strong partnerships and co-creating innovative solutions that leverage its global scale for value delivery.

Van der Merwe's message underscores a commitment to enhancing direct engagement with partners and customers through advisory services, shared models of operation, and custom service implementations. "Our unwavering focus is on your success," he affirmed, highlighting the importance of trust and collaboration in achieving shared goals.

"This year, we celebrate DVT’s 25th year of being in business and look forward to embracing opportunities for innovation and excellence with our clients and partners," van der Merwe concludes.

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