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Automated Software Testing Service Provider DVT Reflects on a Year of Success in the UK

Friday, 13 April 2018 15:10

LONDON, UK, 27th March 2018 - DVT UK is a leading Automated Software Testing & Development Service Provider based right in the heart of the City of London. Bruce Zaayman, Director of Client Engagement, and who oversees DVT UK’s Testing Solutions, reflects on a year of growth for the company as it expands its UK client base, broadens its community reach and picks up a stunning accolade as one of the Top 20 software testing companies in Europe.

Pioneering in the SME software testing market

UK parcel company Doddle wanted to automate the testing of its frequently-updated Web and smartphone software applications and chose DVT's Global Testing Centre (GTC) as the contractor to complete the work. One of the fastest-growing start-up companies in the UK, Doddle is the easy way to collect, send and return parcels. Gary O'Connor, Doddle Chief Technology Officer, said: "We were introduced to DVT as a UK software testing solutions provider who could help us to find a way to automate a lot of our software testing. They've provided very practical and efficient solutions, enabling us to focus on our customers.”

Bruce Zaayman stated, “Because we are both London based we were able to manage the client locally and really get to the heart of Doddle’s testing requirements while allowing the heavy lifting from a software testing perspective to be delivered from our Cape Town software testing centre”. Jaco van der Merwe, CEO of DVT concluded, “We’ve been able to develop a practical solution for regression testing and test automation service that met with Doddle's high standards and requirements.”

Zaayman wrapped up his comments on the SME focus by stating, “2017 also saw the launch of our outsourced software testing service designed for UK SMEs, called the DVT GTC (Global Testing Centre) Lite Package which gives SMEs automation regression and performance testing at a more affordable price point, without compromising on service or quality. This includes a FREE Proof of Concept (POC) phase and dedicated testers for testing almost any app on any software platform using DVT’s expert testing framework. The POC runs for 2 weeks to demonstrate the value for the client investment which is an invaluable component to starting any new supplier relationship and one we believe is unique in the UK testing services market”.

Winning big in the Enterprise market

In the last 12 months DVT has worked for a range of UK Enterprise clients in a diverse set of markets including those engaged in insurance, biometric data processing, construction, shipping, healthcare and R&D. “We have been engaged by a series of UK clients presenting us with a wide spectrum of software testing and software development needs”, said Bruce Zaayman. “Be it software test automation or performance testing, functional testing or data preparation, mobile testing or once off development, no task is too big or small for our flexible outsource teams. We are able to switch on a team for days, weeks or months, which gives our clients Agile and cost effective outcomes.

Software Testing Events, Publications & Accolades

March 2017 saw DVT attend TEST Magazine’s TEST Focus Group in London where we hosted a round table event focusing on software testing and QA with senior testing professionals. We discussed the benefits of outsourced testing, including significant cost savings and productivity gains and how this can form part of your long-term strategy.

In May 2017 DVT UK was a Gold Sponsor at the 2017 National Software Testing Conference in London. DVT fielded three speakers at the event, including CEO Jaco van der Merwe delivering the keynote address entitled “Why opt for Agile software testing? The answer may surprise you”. Mario Matthee Head of SQA Architecture and R&D spoke on “Reality check: Is Test Automation worth the risk?” and Nadine du Toit Practice Head: Quality Assurance at DVT spoke about “Shifting SQA skills to the Digital era”. All the talks were well received and generated a lot of interest at our stand.

July 2017 saw Mario Matthee, Head of SQA Architecture and R&D publish his article in TEST Magazine covering how Digital Transformation is Driving Testing Trends. Highlighting the speed of development to meet market and technology changes means you cannot afford to leave software testing to the last minute, it has to be an integral part of the product design upfront.

In August 2017 TEST Magazine published an article by Nadine du Toit Head of Managed & Professional Services, DVT Global Testing Solutions, posing the question, “Is your Software Protected?”. She argues that your software products are assets and you should protect it just like any other asset in your business, ultimately concluding that QA, testing and ongoing development should no longer feel like a grudge purchase, but an intelligent, sensible decision.

November 2017 saw TEST Magazine recognise DVT UK as a leading testing provider, placing us as one of the 20 leading suppliers of testing solutions of 2017 in the UK and European markets. “This was a big one for us”, said Chris Wilkins, CEO DVT Group. “It linked very nicely with the publication of our case study about the work we did with Doddle, one of our UK clients and testament to the work we've put in to create a global hub for advanced software testing, quality assurance and test automation”.

DVT UK also attended the European Software Testing Summit November 2017, London where we hosted two round table discussions. It was a great success and we met a lot of new companies engaged in testing. Our two round table discussions went down well and the feedback we got was very positive.

Finally, in March 2018 DVT UK hosted the Level 39 Event, Canary Wharf London, where the theme was focused on providing Software Testing Solutions specifically for SMEs in UK Tech Hubs focusing on FinTech, InsureTech and HealthTech. Zaayman concluded, “We see the software testing challenges faced by tech disruptors and large clients on a daily basis and they often face the same challenges. Smaller companies with tighter budgets need transient testing support while larger companies can “body shop” in testing resource. This is where a local, UK outsource automated software testing partner like DVT can play a big part in the success of the SME as we have a range of outsource models specially designed for this kind of need and market”.

About DVT UK

DVT was founded in 1999 and offers high quality software testing automation, software development and digital transformation solutions that deliver business value for clients faster. The DVT UK testing and outsource service portfolio ranges from automated software testing, automated regression testing, cross browser testing, device testing, performance testing and API testing. The DVT Global Testing Centre (GTC) offers its clients a managed outsourced testing service utilising a proprietary software testing framework, which is built on open source components compatible with most continuous integration tools backed by 19 years’ experience and client base all over the world. UK clients with software quality assurance issues, time to market pressure and outsourced automated regression testing needs can tap into a variety of pricing and support models in the knowledge that 700+ experienced staff will be focused on every aspect of their testing assurance and delivery requirements. Learn more at


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