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Wednesday, 23 August 2017 15:04
DVT launches outsourced software testing package for SMEs

Software and testing solutions firm DVT has launched an outsourced software testing package designed for small to medium businesses looking for a complete testing service. The innovative DVT GTC Lite Package gives SMEs automation regression and performance testing a more affordable price point, without compromising on service or quality.

The launch of DVT’s new GTC Lite Package will provide small to medium enterprises full access – via secure VPN – to DVT’s Global Testing Centre (GTC) over a 12-month contract period, including dedicated testers and a broad range of mobile devices, for testing almost any app on any software platform, using DVT’s expert testing framework.

“Many UK companies in the SME space have been restricted by the local market offering when we talk about affordable packaged testing options. Our outsourced solution offers a viable solution without neglecting any aspects of their testing requirements,” says DVT UK Managing Executive, Bruce Zaayman.

“We’ve bundled many of our more advanced services, including unrestricted access to DVT’s open source testing framework, our extensive repository of current mobile devices, and free access to automation and performance testing tools, into a packaged solution, at a highly competitive monthly fee,” Zaayman says.

DVT is also offering GTC Lite clients an added-value Proof of Concept for two weeks to demonstrate that their investment in automated regression testing will be invaluable to their business.

“Testing on certain systems and software packages can be difficult to automate, so the proof of concept will, at no cost to the client, determine the suitability of GTC Lite for their project. If the software in question is not suitable to test within the structures of GTC Lite, this will be ascertained during the Proof of Concept. In this instance, we are able to offer the client a more customised service through our GTC Basic or GTC Professional Testing Programmes,” explains Zaayman.

“Because we guarantee activation within five working days for most projects, the DVT GTC Lite Package is ideal not only for smaller companies that will benefit from a lower cost and faster timeframe, but is also suitable for larger organisations wanting a nimbler testing solution for their smaller projects and for speeding up the route to market for their less complex software and applications.”

The DVT GTC Lite Package is available now for a low monthly fee of £2,500 over a 12-month timeframe.

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