At DVT, we run regular online events focused on the latest technology trends within the IT industry and invite guest speakers to share their knowledge and insights on various topics. The DVT Insights Events aim to enlighten you, educate you and often, provide a new view on a burning issue within the technology space.

Demonstrate the scale and importance of technological practices for supporting business strategy. Transform your software developer career today!
The UK is facing a critical skills shortage as a result of new government legislation (IR35 specifically) and the early effects of Brexit. Compounding this challenge, organisations face risk of liability for unpaid taxes, national insurance contributions and penalties should they be found to be in violation of IR35.
Outsourcing your software development to third-party Agile teams can be the perfect way to get access to scarce technology skills and to expand your team’s capacity. Many companies are choosing to take work typically done in-house and offload it to third-party software developers so they can focus on core operations.

The other side of technology

Published in Software Development
Monday, 14 October 2019 13:04
Our working and social environments are constantly changing. Did you know that in the late 19th century, the patent office had announced that everything that could be invented by then, had been invented? While inventions are still happening, one of the most significant impacts on the technological world is probably disruptive technology. Uber’s thrust into the market in 2011, is a prominent example of disruptive technology where no new technology was developed, but rather ingenious use of existing technologies.

Disruptive Technology is here to stay

Published in Software Development
Tuesday, 09 April 2019 13:15
Disruptive technology significantly alters the way industries and businesses function. It can force companies to embrace the digital sphere or stay behind.
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