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How to add bottom navigation to Flutter apps

Published in Software Development
Thursday, 19 August 2021 21:26
In my previous articles on this channel, we’ve had a look at various Flutter concepts. Our journey has been long and hard and hopefully, you’ve learned something along the way.
Well, so far in this series, we’ve looked at making use of stateless and stateful widgets to build some basic apps, with some concepts you should hopefully be able to apply to your own apps in future. For this article, I thought we could have a look at something a bit more technical, but still make it relevant and simple.
For anyone who hasn’t heard of Flutter before, Flutter is an open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) backed by Google. Read more on flutter tricks here.
Imagine a world where you have access to the collective knowledge of humanity, on a device, within reach. What would you ask this device? How far would you go down the rabbit hole to find an answer to a secret? What would you try to gain from such a device?
While most software development teams and companies have predominantly adopted the implementation of the Agile methodology in their approach to software development, there may be a few that may still be stuck in the past with the waterfall approach, the proverbial equivalent of living in a deserted island, unless of course they are trying to walk on water.
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