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Digital channels are at the forefront of competition for the modern retailer. Essential to success are customer experience, personalization, user experience and value. The underpinning technologies and skills expertise require a partner like DVT to not just compete but win. Winning new customers and retaining existing customers needs the digital advantage. Get IT with DVT.

Digital Advantages for the
Modern Retailer

In the highly competitive retail industry, efficient software solutions are not only essential to remain competitive but critical to differentiation in the digital channel. Omni-channel capability, value added services and customer experience are key success factors that require technical investment, maintenance and on-going enhancements. DVT partners with retailer clients in their technology journey to ensure a solid IT solution foundation and services are in place that enable channel reach, effective marketing, customer acquisition, retention and sales growth.





By 2024 the e-commerce market
is expected to reach

by 2024, a 3x increase from 2021

of in-store employees are more satisfied
doing their job with the right technology

Source: Growth Engineering

Source: Influencer marketing hub




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Digital Solutions for Retailers

"Quality technical staff"

"Breath of fresh air"

"Invaluable part of the team"

"Can be trusted to take on highly dynamic & difficult to define work"

"People are highly skilled professional & awesome"

"Extremely professional, adaptable & flexible"

"An integral part of our team and their support has been superb"

"The agile toolkit & mindset is an invaluable enabler"

"Went above & beyond the expectation"

"Instrumental in creating ambassadors & embedding agile discipline"

"Formed a highly effective & efficient team that aims to flexibly achieve a shared goal"

"World-class mobile platform in record time"

"Magic started to happen"

"Professionalism, focus & dedication"

"Impressed with their familiarity of Agile methodology"

"One of our valuable partners"

"Excellent partner with quick professional solutions."

"Quality technical staff and consulting, backed by friendly & professional management."

"Professional consulting and collaboration. Realised our requirements."

"Committed to success, delivers on their promise to create cutting edge technology."

"Comforting to have such a professional partner on call to help you."

"Creativity delivered what others couldn't; cost-effective and timely."

"To say that we were impressed would be an understatement."

IT Challenges and Solutions for Retail

Customer Experience

Retail customers’ expectations are high and shaped by experience with global digital players such as Amazon, Google, Apple, eBay and Alibaba. Online presence needs to be intuitive, personalized, adaptive and highly performant. DVT helps retail customers enable their digital insight through data solutions, leverage these solutions to enhance the customers’ CX and in turn positively impact customer acquisition, retention and sales conversion.

Customer Insight

Interaction of customers with digital channels provides a wealth of data in respect to both understanding customers as well as the performance of the digital channel itself. DVT enables retail customers gain the insights essential from the data sources available to them and turn these insights into actionable improvement of the digital retail channel.

Online Competition

Digital presence is essential to retail survival. Competition is global and requires retailers to leverage new technology capabilities such as generative AI in there services to customers. DVT enables retail customers to align new technology with real value delivery so that investments deliver a return not just a capability.

Legacy technology

Cloud migration and application modernisation are essential to the modern retailer to enable flexibility, scalability and security of their online channels to market. Many are mired in older technology implementations that if not re-architected for the cloud will never deliver on the promises of the shift from on-premise. DVT are a specialist Microsoft partner in Cloud Application Migration, ensuring we can successfully take your retail applications from yesterday’s tech to modern, digital retail competitor.

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How do digital solutions streamline operations for retailers?

Digital solutions significantly streamline operations for retailers by automating routine tasks, improving data accuracy, and enhancing communication across all levels of the organisation. Software tools such as inventory management systems, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, and electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems help enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs. These tools automate stock level tracking, customer interactions, and sales transactions, allowing retailers to focus more on strategic decisions and customer service.

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