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Digital Technology Enablement

Digital Technology Services for Business in the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the major technology hubs in the world. East London Tech City, dubbed the “Silicon Roundabout”, after the famous Silicon Valley in San Francisco, has one of the largest tech startup clusters in the world. According to Statista, from 2015 to 2020, approximately 240 billion British pounds of economic benefit was brought to the UK from Big Data analytics alone.

As the technology sector grows, many companies look towards outsourcing projects to companies such as DVT who provide software development services and consulting. Here we will look at some of the services that DVT provides from its UK and South African offices.


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Technology Services

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DVT offers UK companies looking to augment their software development teams or outsource projects with a wide range of software development, IT, and consulting services that allow them to expand their teams’ capacity without incurring significant expense or compromising quality. Here is an overview of the software development and IT services DVT offers:

Agile Technology Teams

Agile Technology Teams

DVT can provide remote and on-site Agile teams to help your company build your next software product. Our team draws from a pool of highly experienced and skilled developers, software architects, engineers, data scientists, and testers apt in the Agile development practices. We provide four types of teams to our clients in the UK:

1. Dedicated team

A dedicated team works towards the delivery of software products continuously and at a high velocity. Also known as a product development team, it is suitable for businesses that require the development of a high-quality product designed in line with a well-established technical solution to a specific business problem.

2. Turn-key project team

This team initially conducts a technical analysis that includes a solution architecture and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) roadmap.

3. Client co-sourced team

This team comprises DVT members and client staff/professionals who work collaboratively to develop the software product. It is like a dedicated team but includes client staff members who bring specific business knowledge to the table.

4. Staff augmentation

Finally, DVT also provides its clients with the opportunity to augment their software development teams through DVT professionals such as analysts, scrum masters and software engineers.

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Agile and DevOps Consulting

Agile and DevOps Consulting

Many companies in the UK looking to further their Agile and DevOps practices take full advantage of our consulting services. DVT offers Agile maturity assessments, Agile training, Agile coaching, and Agile practical exposure as part of our consulting, coaching, and Scrum Master Apprenticeship programmes.

DevOps allows businesses to shift into continuous delivery, automating everything to get custom software through the development stages and into your operations as quickly as possible. DevOps best practices allow fast time to market, high throughput of the software development pipeline, quick identification of quality concerns allowing for reduced defects across the software development cycle, and more resilient systems and applications. We assist companies in identifying their DevOps needs and offer tool recommendations and implementation and testing a Global Testing Centre that specialises in automating regression testing to increase development throughput

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Cloud Application Services

Cloud Application Services

By leveraging the technology of cloud applications, you can increase the speed of implementation, increased business innovation, reduced operational issues/costs, and higher flexibility. DVT has consistently delivered its UK clients Azure cloud services, including cloud consulting, application migration, custom cloud applications, cloud-based analytics, and cloud management/support.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

DVT’s AI services help businesses in the UK save time and money by automating routine processes while increasing their productivity. Through the application of AI, routine and tedious tasks in software development and testing can be automated through machine learning, problem-solving and reasoning. This frees up employees to work on higher-level and more creative tasks that are not easily automated.

Through the application of RPA in software development and testing, most menial tasks such as regression and load testing can be automated. DVT has partnered with UIPath, the leading enterprise RPA software company, to provide quality consultation, implementation, and support to all our clients.

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Business Solutions Consulting

Delivery Management

DVT offers its clients in the UK short or long-term Project and Programme Management services that include planning, coordination and implementation of projects in line with business requirements and constraints. The best practice methodologies we utilise in our project and programme management services include PMBOK, PRINCE 2, Agile, and DevOps.

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Digital Banking Services

Digital Banking Services

The UK is the highest net exporter of financial services, and London is considered the world’s financial capital. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced 60% of banks to close or shorten their working hours. However, they have implemented digital features to adapt to the new way of working through digital account opening (34%), digital remote identification and verification (23%) and digital contactless payment (18%).

DVT has partnered with Backbase, a state-of-the-art engagement banking platform that unifies data and functionality while enhancing customer experience. Banks and financial institutions benefit from speed and flexibility across devices, giving them a competitive edge with measurable business results. DVT can implement the following Backbase solutions for retail, SME, corporate and wealth:

  • Account opening
  • Deposits
  • Cards
  • Secured lending
  • Unsecured lending.

We offer digital initiatives such as analysis, application design and development, DevOps adoption, Agile transformation, application modernisation, Backbase, UX/UI refinement and data analytics.

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About DVT

Businesses in the United Kingdom have benefited from DVT’s digital technology services since its inception in 1999. With more than 20 years of experience and a staff of over 600 employees, DVT delivers high-quality software development and testing solutions to clients across several industries in the UK and South Africa. We have also forged partnerships with leading software providers including Microsoft, UIPath, Backbase, Automation Anywhere and BigCommerce to provide a competitive edge to our clients.

DVT has offices located in the United Kingdom (London), Netherlands (Amsterdam) and South Africa (Johannesburg, Centurion, Cape Town, and Durban).

We are a global custom software solutions, and services company focused on mobile development, Web and traditional platforms, UX/UI design, cloud application services, BI and data analytics solutions, RPA, project management, business analysis, DevOps, Agile consulting, and Agile training.

DVT uses dedicated software development teams that will work closely with you to ensure the delivery of product features at a high velocity on a continuous basis. DVT also offers turnkey project teams that can turn your business problem into software products, as well as ongoing software maintenance and support after project completion.