At DVT, we run regular online events focused on the latest technology trends within the IT industry and invite guest speakers to share their knowledge and insights on various topics. The DVT Insights Events aim to enlighten you, educate you and often, provide a new view on a burning issue within the technology space.

Imagine a world where tedious design tasks melt away, replaced by a digital assistant whispering possibilities. Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly painting this future, offering designers a vibrant new palette to boost efficiency and ignite fresh perspectives.

The parallels between UX design and Philosophy

Published in UX Design
Mittwoch, 28 Juli 2021 13:55
As ancient humans, we wondered about the things we saw and experienced and questioned why the world is the way it is. Philosophy began to understand the world without relying on religious or mythical ideas and to provide explanations to satisfy our capacity for rational thought.

How to craft a great UX design portfolio

Published in UX Design
Freitag, 06 März 2020 13:04
In this two-part series, we delve into crafting a compelling UX design portfolio. Explore concept work, self-initiated projects, tools, and more.

Crafting a great UX design portfolio

Published in UX Design
Freitag, 06 März 2020 13:00
How do you craft a great UX design portfolio? Discover all you need to know about user experience design in the current age. Our complete guide to UX design.

Emotional Design Through Tech

Published in UX Design
Montag, 17 Februar 2020 12:47
In this part one of a three-part series I'll be exploring and explaining emotional design in technology. Additionally, I'll be looking into visceral emotions, also known as immediate emotions.
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